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Domestic Nudes

These are a first attempt to translate the Ronis image of 1949 into a modern idiom. I wanted to retain the sense of a simple, everyday activity, with a degree of intimacy, and where the eroticism of the image was simply there in the background. The images were made in a modern apartment in Karlsruhe (thanks to Frank).

a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg
a4.jpg a5.jpg

I also worked with Anja on some portrait images ... we used a hairdressing salon for the location ... and as we had talked about the Newton Big Nude images too, we tried to incorporate some of the feel of them into some of the portrait shots.

Many thanks to Patrick at The Hair Cafe in Schillerstrasse.

anja_farb1_24.jpg anja_farb2_17a.jpg