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These images are all of the Brunnen in Johannisplatz, behind the Postgalerie. I liked the idealised figure, about twice life-size. The woman is shown in a 'serving' role ... bearing two water jugs, which, when the fountain is filled with water for the summer months, spout water (the faces in the stone surround also spout water).

I liked the juxtaposition of this idealised figure with the real people who passed by the Brunnen, and, as the Postgalerie, now a shopping mall, contains a number of cafes ... with outside seating for warmer weather ... I also liked the juxtaposition of this idealised serving girl with the real women serving in the nearby cafes.

BRUNN_04.JPG BRUNN_07.JPG brunn_08_col.jpg brunn_09_col.jpg
brunn_10_col.jpg pbrunn_02a.jpg post_09a_col.jpg  

These images were all made with a 6x9 Zeiss Ikon Nettar. The Nettar was a budget version of the Ikonta series of folding cameras.