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Light Drawings

Drawings made in the darkroom under redlight / safelight, using a light source (small keyring torch) with fibre-optics taped to it to make a light 'brush'. Drawn onto photographic paper. These are fast gestural drawings like those in Life Drawing II and, because there are no marks on the paper until it's developed, it's rather like blind drawing. Paper size is 6.5" by 8.5".


The first is a straight scan of the drawing as it looks after being developed. The next is a scan of a contact print made from the original drawing ... it gives scope for more manipulation of the image ... and the same image inverted in Photoshop to return values to those of the original drawing. Number four is a scan of a contact print; five a scan of the original, and six an inversion (and flip) of the scanned original.

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