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Domestic Nudes - Tryste

The more observant will have noticed that Tryste isn't naked in any of these shots. Tryste chooses to live a goth lifestyle; the corsetry and lingerie is what she is comfortable wearing around her home. We decided it would be interesting to work with the domestic nude ethos, and to keep the clothing in spite of its general connotation of eroticism or glamour. The challenge was to keep the 'everyday' and peaceful qualities, that is, to photograph Tryste without placing any emphasis on her sexuality. It became a fascinating exercise in trying to avoid the language of glamour.

800_Trys_ballet_01b.jpg 800_Trys_bth_02.jpg 800_Trys_bth_04a.jpg
800_Trys_bth_05_bw.jpg 800_Trys_robe_01.jpg 800_Tryste - Vicky 4a.jpg
800_Tryste - Vicky 5a.jpg    

Images one and five were shot on 5x7, on Ilford HP5; two, three and four were shot on a Ricoh RR30, a 3 megapixel digital camera. Images six and seven were shot on my 6x15 cm camera, on Ilford Delta 3200.