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First image

The Western is Edinburgh's oldest strip bar. The photographs here have been taken in the bar as part of a reportage project I've been working on since about 1998. Most of the images in this sequence are from 98-2000 - a few more recent. The bar's a great place for life drawing too ... for fast gesture drawing and for portraits of punters who rarely believe it's their likeness when you've finished.

This work wouldn't have been possible without the goodwill and cooperation of dancers and bar staff over the years, so it's dedicated to ...

Annne-Marie, Diana, Sammi, Kayla, Rebecca, Zoe, Louise, April, Angie, Britney, Caroline, Jamie-Lee, Kirsty, Z, Michelle, Candy, Tony, Amy, Chelsea ... and girls from the Burke too, especially Sara and Charlie ... not forgetting Tim


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The Western has its own web-site: click here.